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What is a pledge?

A pledge is estimate of how much you plan to give to West Church in a given year. It is not a binding contract. Circumstances can change-and pledges may be revised up or down depending on your situation.

How much should I pledge?

Just as everyone has a different financial situation, the amount of your pledge is an individual decision and will be unique and reflect your own life situation and sense of commitment to the church. Pledges of any amount are welcome and necessary for our ministries.

To the Members and Friends of West Church: November 21, 2020

Re: West Congregational Church Stewardship Campaign 2021

As I sit at home thinking about West Church’s Stewardship Campaign, I gaze at the brick wall in

the kitchen of my apartment. A message jumps out at me about how we can support West Church.

Similar to blocks in a Jenga game where each piece requires steady support to remain stable, the

bricks in my kitchen help support the house I live in. The bricks are in good shape, having been

placed there about 40 years ago. The lines of bricks are straight and the mortar even. The bricks

support each other, with each row of bricks offset. A brick on one row is supported by the halves of

the two bricks set under it. I take a closer look and notice that two of the bricks are cracked and it is

obvious that happened at the time they were put in place.

Even so, the wall in its totality still supports itself and the two stories above it. I think you see the picture.

We at West Church are the bricks and all together, we make up the church.

Over past history, our church has pulled together to recover and rebuild from a devastating fire and currently we are feeling the effects of a worldwide pandemic.

God is always our firm foundation. We are shaken and challenged.

To keep our church, our place of worship, up and running we need all the bricks in formation. We need everyone’s support.

We ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge to support West Congregational Church, and we gratefully thank


Sincerely, Margaret “Tiggy” Gillespie

West Church Stewardship Team

Stewardship Team Members:

Jeanine Merrill, Brian Wheeler and Tiggy Gillespie

West Congregational Church
499 North State Street 
Concord, NH 03301

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West Church has been called " the small church with a big heart" We offer a sanctuary of faith for all those who wish to come and worship.

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