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What is a pledge?

A pledge is estimate of how much you plan to give to West Church in a given year. It is not a binding contract. Circumstances can change-and pledges may be revised up or down depending on your situation.

How much should I pledge?

Just as everyone has a different financial situation, the amount of your pledge is an individual decision and will be unique and reflect your own life situation and sense of commitment to the church. Pledges of any amount are welcome and necessary for our ministries.

Brian Wheeler, Stewardship Committee Chair

December 2019

Does anyone follow the comic strip "Pearls  before swine"? In a recent Sunday paper, the church minister uses a trick to get an offering pledge. I saw this just after a stewardship meeting so it was extra  humerous to me, and no, there will be no trickery in this letter. 

Well, if not some kind of gimmick, what should this letter say to ask for your money? At the Stewardship meetings we talked about many things: how many of us have had a steady or declining income and inflation has taken its toll, so a letter using guilt is certainly wrong; going door to door upsets many people, so that was out; saying the church might close soon (previously done without the desired results); and doing skits (very fun), and testimonioals (very touching). We are doing skits and testimonials.

I recently came across one of the older church members at a family gathering. I don't believe she gets out much, and we hadn't seen each other for a number of years. When I said hello she smiled and said, "I know you; you go to my church." In the background, someone was holding her newly arrived great grandson (my first cousin three times removed!) and I thought, "Yes, it is her church, probably much more than mine, and it is her great grandson's church, too."

At the same gathering this observation was made: If a church does not welcome you, love you, and accept you as you are, then it is not your church, in fact it is really not a church.  A tolerant and no judging kind of church is what we are and should always strive to be.

Now to the hard part. The church needs money--money to be THAT church, open and inviting, money to keep it warm, lit and in good repair, money to pay salaries, money so it and its ministries are available to the whole community; members, nonmembers, great grandmothers and infants alike, offering programs such as the food pantry, meeting places for AA,  Girl Scouts, and other groups, weddings, and funerals. 

It is not right for me alone to request your pledge, therefore I am going to ask you to pray on this matter. Starting with your current pledge, ask God if you should increase it, keep it the same, or otherwise change it. After the decision, please return the attached pledge card to the church, using this address:  West Congregational Church, Att: Financial Secretary, 499 North State Street, Concord, New Hampshire 03301.

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