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West Congregational Church  

Church Council Meeting  

July 1, 2021  


Rhonda Macleod, Interim Pastor, Carolyn Stiles, Moderator, Brian Wheeler, Trustees,  

Joy Potter, Diaconate, Donna Scarsilloni, Missions, Charlene Cutting, Treasurer, Pam Sheldon,  

Assistant Financial Secretary  

Members of the Congregation  

: none  


Barbara Moulton, Christian Education,  

Meeting started at 6:07pm  

Quorum of 7 established.  

Opening Prayer: Pastor Rhonda  

Business of the Day:  


Notes from 6/3/2021 approved,  

Brian Wheeler made motion, and Charlene seconded, all  

in favor.  

Clerk position vacant.  

Financial Secretary:   

Financial Secretary position is vacant. Pam Sheldon as the assistant  

Financial Secretary collects and deposits donations. The Treasurer, Charlene Cutting enters the  

deposit into Power Church.   

Pam stated they are   

photocopying checks for the bank deposit only  

while Pam was is vacation   

for safety purposes  


See financial statements for detail of account status.  

Nothing at this time, July 1  


too early to have info ready.  

Question was brought up as to why we are still carrying auto insurance? We no longer have the  

church van. Charlene will check into it.  

Boards Update  

Christian Education:   

no report  



The overflow room at the pantry was cleaned and reorganized last week with help  

from Barbara, Ken, Joe, Terri, and me, with help from Carlos. We have plenty of food and  

rearranging the shelfs will help to use the food in a better date order to prevent expired dated.  

Mary Beauchine resigned from the pantry volunteers. We thanked her for all her service. We also  

discussed the possibility of opening one night per week for those that depend on someone else  

for a ride.  

Pastor Rhonda is changing the message on the phone to let people know the hours and  

also that if they can’t get here we may be able to deliver to them.  

We have a new missions project that we would like the church to consider; Beaver Meadows has  

a need for clothing for all children that may have a need; socks, underwear, warm pants, hats ect.  

Sizes from 4/5 to 12/14. Council agrees it is a good project and we will be setting up a box in the  

sanctuary in August to start collecting the clothing.  

We also discussed setting up the rainbow jar to accept donations to offset the cost of mailing the  

CWS school kits. (each kit is $2.00 and we mailed over 300 this year.  


Our next missions meeting will be August 8  


after church.  



Brian says trustees met to discuss the Johnson Hall ramp and approved $2500 to  

replace the damaged railing; also a broken swell on the organ needs to be repaired, the Board  

voted to spend $2500 to fix this also; will check with Eileen about other problems on the organ  

that need to be repaired and possible costs. There was, some discussion about the swell being a  

minor issue that is easily fixed. Reminder that cleanup day is scheduled for July 10  


; Brian will  

be here at 8am to whenever?! All and any help appreciated; if you have tools bring them along.  

Cleaning up the parking lot area also. Checking for mold is not a necessity at this time  


2 new church members welcomed; continue offering inside the door as opposed to  

collection plate passed around. Discussed the communion table, will leave it as is for now. Pat  

Cutting is July deacon. Joy Potter is at the lake Thursday to Sunday if people need to see her,  

Joy’s internet access works there.  

Christian Education:   

no report  

Pastor Rhonda:   

We had a reception for 2 new members this past month; the offering will  

continue to be set inside the door instead of being passed around.  

The sound system components has been ordered through Manchester Music Mill for $2292.00.  

Peter, of the Music Mill, will install the system, but it was suggested that at least a few people be  

there to “watch” and learn about handling the system. There will be equipment for hearing  

impaired also delivered that day. We discussed briefly cleaning the hearing equipment after each  

use, hopefully Peter will be able to give us some ideas. Probably alcohol wipes or something of  

that nature.  

We had a contribution toward the sound system of $5,000; a member of the congregation who  

wished to remain anonymous made the donation, we will send him a thank you note from the  

council. If he is okay being acknowledged publicly, we will announce it on Sunday, But a thank  

you of some sort will be done.  

Pastor needs Sunday August 22  


off; her daughter is getting married She is also on vacation July  



to the 25  



we discussed who will preach?  

We agreed that a hymn sing vs sermon will be  

best; she will talk to Eileen. The Diaconate will make the final decision.  


Boy Scout Bankruptcy: Charlene has contacted West Church’s insurance and when we receive a  

written response she will forward the information to Attorney Peter Trombley who is  

representing us at this time. More information will be provided at the next meeting.  

Interim process: The vision team will be meeting after church on Sunday the 11  


to continue  

their work on identifying a vision for the church based on congregational responses to the survey  

conducted in June. After the vision team finishes their work, the profile team will begin their  

work. Rhonda will talk to Gordon, who is on vacation, she will contact him next week regarding  

the way that the profile needs to be developed.  

Facility Use form: Discussed the facility use form updated fall of 2020 and will add an update  

regarding following current CDC guidelines.  

Discussed process for allowing groups to use  


church spaces including fees. Current process: Pat Cutting receives group requests and discusses  

rules and fees with each person requesting to use the facility. Payment is by agreed upon  

donation, rather than having a set fee and is based on the group’s ability to pay.  

Council meetings – the council typically does not meet in July, but due to the needs of the church  

it was determined that a meeting was needed. Based on current level of need, it was decided that  

the meeting in August will not be held. If important matters come up that require council  

attention, electronic strategies such as email or Zoom will be used to address the need based on  

the level of need.  

Closing prayer:  

Pastor Rhonda  

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.  

Respectfully Submitted, Donna Scarsilloni  



NEXT MEETING: 9/2/2021 T/R HALL 6:00  


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