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West Congregational Church  

Church Council Meeting   

June 3, 2021 

Present: Pastor Rhonda, Carolyn Stiles, Moderator, Brian Wheeler, Trustees, Joy Potter, Diaconate, Donna Scarsilloni, Missions, Charlene Cutting, Treasurer, Pam Sheldon, Assistant Financial Secretary 

Members of the Congregation: Darcy Mantel 

Absent: Barbara Moulton, Religious Education 

Meeting started at 6:05 pm 

Quorum of 7 established. 

Opening Prayer: Pastor Rhonda   

Business of the Day:  

Clerk:  Notes from 5/ 6 were approved with edits.  Clerk position vacant.                                                                       

Financial Secretary: Financial Secretary position is vacant. Pam Sheldon as the assistant Financial Secretary collects and deposits donations. The Treasurer, Charlene Cutting enters the deposit into Power Church. 

Treasurer:  See financial statements for detail of account status. 

Boy Scouts: additional billings have been received from Peter Tamposi Law Firm, Charlene feels that some of the payments she has made may not be reflected. She will call him after talking to the church’s insurance company. Carolyn will let Peter Tamposi know to expect her call, probably next week. 


Boards Update 

Christian Education: no report 

Missions: The Missions Board has not met. The mask mandate from the food pantry staff and patrons has been dropped based on changes introduced by the CDC, state and city mandates, and indoor church services introduced on Sunday 6/6. Carolyn will change the language in the Concord Monitor Church Directory to reflect the change. 

Trustees:  Brian is working on planning a meeting with the Trustees. The new date is 6/10 at 5:30. The sound system will be on the agenda. Eric Bilodeau of Strings and Things will be invited to join the meeting at 6:00 to talk to the Trustees Board about what exactly is needed and the cost. 

Diaconate: There are two people wishing to join the church. One has transferred from another church, and another will be joining after a long association with West Church. There is a meeting planned on Sunday, 6/6 following services. 

Christian Education: There was no report; the Board Chair absent and has  not had an opportunity to develop a board. 

Pastor Rhonda:   

  1. Church has resumed services in the Sanctuary followed by a coffee hour.  

  1. School kits are currently being sent to World Services, a question has been raised about whether we should instead or in addition prepare kits for Beaver Meadow Elementary School. Discussion included comments about backpack drives led by community businesses to provide backpacks with school supplies to children in Concord. Pam will reach out to Beaver Meadow to see if this is a need for their students. 

  1. Guitar music was much appreciated and enjoyed. 


  1. Congregational input by Darcy Mantel regarding need to advertise that we are now meeting in the church. Darcy asked if she could plan and purchase a banner saying “We are back!” to promote the re-opening of the church. The council gave her permission to do so. 

  1. Debriefing Sunday’s service: The atmosphere of the church service was joyful especially when the social distancing streamers were removed and the congregation had cake and coffee in the T/R Hall to celebrate. 

  1. Interim Process: the Visioning Team has collected information from 23 people and is currently working on summarizing the information and developing a vision based on the information collected that will be passed to the Profile Team to be used in their work. 

  1. Boy Scouts – see comments in Treasurer’s section. 

  1. Upgrading the sound system – see comments in Trustee’s section 

  1. Debriefing annual meeting – the meeting went well with minimal changes to the bylaws as proposed. 

  1. Posting minutes on the web site: Motion made by Joy Potter – “A summary of the meeting will be posted on the website without names, in the same month as the meeting.” 2nd by Brian Wheeler, unanimously approved by Council members. 


Closing pray: Pastor Rhonda 

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.  

Respectfully Submitted, Carolyn Stiles, Moderator and note taker 

Attachments: Cash Accounts, UC Funds chart, and May income and expense.   


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