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November Newsletter


 TUESDAY November 12, 2019 FROM 6:30 TO 8:00 pm
Please use the Hutchins Street Entrance




Happy Thanksgiving!


Nothing would make us happier than to have you visit our church!

499 North State Street 
Concord, NH 03301
Worship begins at 10:00 AM, with Daycare available.
Pastors Message 

I can’t believe that November is here already! Driving to work during October was amazing. The trees were so bright with their red, orange and yellow leaves. Now, they are almost bare. When I drive past wetlands, there are bright red berries vividly standing out against the faded yellow and browns of the marsh grass. The days have become noticeably shorter and colder. Everything seems to be slowly transforming into winter. November is what I like to call an in between month, a time of ‘almost, but not yet.’ Although, technically, it is still autumn, most of what we associate with autumn, brightly colored leaves, pumpkins, picking apples and the bounty of the summer harvest seem to have passed. However, it is still not winter….yet… Even though the days are shorter and colder and even though it might snow, it is still not winter. Interim time can be a lot like that. It is a time of ‘almost, but not yet.’ Just like November causes us to reflect on what has been, so does interim time. Interim time is a time of waiting, a time for looking back at the past time in the church and a time of planning for the future. It is a time when we feel the fullness of change and a time when we stop and simply be who we are in the moment. Just as November speaks to us of the harvest of the past for which we give thanks, interim time calls us to reflect on all that has been here at West that we are thankful for. Just as November leads us into a time of winter stillness, interim time can seem to drag on and it can seem that nothing is happening. Just as the coming will eventually turn into spring, interim time will, eventually, give rise to newness and new possibilities.  November is a time set aside for reflection on the past. We begin the month with All Saints Day. (Nov. 1) This is a day set aside for memories and thanksgiving for all those who have come before us and have returned to God. On Nov. 11 we celebrate Veterans Day, a day where we remember all those who have served to protect our country. It is also the day when World War  1, ‘the war to end all wars’ ended, and so it is a day where we can stop and imagine peace. Where we can imagine what the world would be like if there were no more wars, no more fighting and killing. November is the time when we stop and give thanks for all that we have, and for all those who came before us. We remember the brave people who set out to make a home in a new land, a home where they could practice their religion without fear of persecution. We look back on the bounty of the year and set a day aside to gather with family and friends in Thanksgiving. It is also a time when, in the midst of enjoying our blessings, we take pause and remember that there are those in our community who are not as fortunate as we are. This is something that this church does very, very well. Here at West there is an awesome food ministry. We not only give people food at Thanksgiving time, but throughout the year.  
In closing, I would like to wish all of you a Happy November! I encourage you to take some time this month, before the Holiday Season kicks into full gear, to sit and reflect on your life. Thinks about all the ways that you have been blessed and give thanks. Think about all the people in your life you have lost and give thanks for them even as you mourn their passing. Think abut all the people affected around the world by war and pray for peace. Think about this church and begin to imagine the future. Most of all, I encourage you to deepen your relationship with God this month. Spend time in personal prayer and reflection on scripture, preparing yourself for the coming of Advent. 
With thanksgiving and a prayer for continued blessings for all of you 




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West Congregational Church
499 North State Street 
Concord, NH 03301

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